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Techical Notices

Here, you will find the full documentation that help you to build a new SPARQL endpoint from scratch .

step 1: You have to install a new ubuntu server (eg. 12.04 or 14.04)

step 2: Install Virtuoso Server as a new triplestore for serving your new endpoint by using the following command " $ sudo apt-get install virtuoso-opensource "

step 3: Initialize the Virtuoso setup through " virtuoso.ini" file

step 4: Copy the initialized " virtuoso.ini " file from "/etc" directory to the "/var/lib/virtuoso/db/"

step 5: Install the virtuoso VAD par
step 6: Start virtuoso server using "virtuoso-t -fd" where it is located in the path of setp 4

step 7: Virtuoso server UI is "localhost:8890/conductor"

step 8: Edit the virtuoso packages through "System Admin" tab

step 9: Start the Database server (ISQL) using "screen isql-vt"

step 10: Register the new endpoint in the Virtuoso server


step 11: Download the last version of Arabic DBpedia Dataset 2014-2015

step 12: Load the Arabic DBpedia dataset into the virtuoso server


step 13: Configure new virtual domain for the new Arabic Chapter through Virtuoso server

step 14: Start to use the new SPARQL endpoint for Arabic Chapter of DBpedia through

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